Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of sbcglobalemails.com

The pointers as well as the details that are given on this page outline all the rules and regulations that sbcglobalemails.com undergoes in order to make the site usage convenient for everyone.

Your continued usage of this website after reading the “Terms and Conditions” would directly mean that you agree to each point that is given here. If you do not agree to these terms, we suggest you discontinue using this website.

Terminologies used

The terms such as “Client”, “You”, and “Your” directly refer to someone who visits https://sbcglobalemails.com/ as a visitor or the reader. On the other hand, the terms that are written as “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Ourselves”, and the “Company” refers to both the website as well as the user.


Unless otherwise stated, sbcglobalemails.com holds all the rights and responsibility of the content/information provided here. However, we do not have any authority over the “SBCGlobal” barn name, logos, images, etc. that are used here as all of this is referential and allow us to help users have a sense of reference.

Although you may use this information or website for your personal use, you are still restricted to do the following:

  • Use the website’s personal material and republish it
  • Sell or rent the material in any manner
  • Copy the information that is given here
  • Or, redistribute the information from this site to another

Reserved rights

Since we monitor all the comments that users posts on this website, therefore we reserve all the rights to remove any comment that we find inappropriate or violating any policies of this website. Therefore, we ask the users to do as described below:

  • Before you post any comment on https://sbcglobalemails.com/, you should acknowledge that you shall be completely held responsible for comments posted under your name
  • Make sure that the posted comments are not invasive and are not violating any of our terms
  • Also, ensure that the posted comments are not unlawful or obscene
  • Apart from this, by continuing to use this website, you are allowing us to use, edit, or reproduce your comments wherever we want on our site.

Cookies usage

As most websites use cookies to enhance user experience, we also do the same on our website. Thus, to continue accessing this website or its services, you are agreeing to cookies usage on your device.

Usage of cookies allows us to know about returning users and help us to serve them with a personalized experience.


Without seeking our permission, one should not create frames around the web pages that are present here.

Content liability 

If you use our content in any manner, we shall not be held responsible for how you are using it on your website. At the same time, it should be your responsibility to maintain the protection of our website and make sure that we are not claimed for any issues rising on your website due to us.

User Privacy

To know what measures we take to protect your privacy, we suggest you read our “Privacy Policy” notice. 

Disclaimer sbcglobalemails.com website has been created with the primary intention to help people learn more about SBCGlobal email and its related topics. Since we are not the official website of SBCGlobal, we do not undertake the authority of the used brand name, logos, and images. Also, we do not endorse their product(s) or service(s) in any manner.
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